About Moth & Moonbeam

Heather Bennett is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Port Coquitlam, BC. She works with various types of animal remains, bones, florals and insects. She just completed her Jewellery diploma and will be working towards finishing her Gemmology diploma this year. While Heather’s journey with metalsmithing and jewellery is relatively new, she has been making art of various forms her whole life.

 Her work is heavily inspired by nature and her love of animals. As a child, Heather grew up in awe of all the butterflies, beetles and cicadas flying around her head in southern Ontario. She would spend her summers looking for frogs and turtles and catching bugs for her collections. Her deep fascination and love of learning about these creatures led her to biology and veterinary sciences in university and eventually to making taxidermy and insect jewellery. Heather finds great beauty in preserving animals and bugs after death and believes the art is a great way to engage audiences in conversation about wildlife education and conservation. She hopes to further this conversation in her jewellery work while making one of a kind pieces.

 When she’s not busy making things, you can find her at home hanging out with her many cats and dogs and pet moths.