Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your specimens?

This is probably my number one question I receive and with good reason!  I collect and process most of my materials myself. All of my products come from different sources including but not limited to: found and foraged items, losses from veterinarians, insect farms, natural death, farm losses, meat and fishing industry byproduct, reptile feeder industry etc.I don't kill any animals or bugs for the purpose of my artwork. Any large taxidermy pieces such as the deer mounts are thrifted or vintage, I'm not a fan of trophy hunting or trapping. For more information please read the Ethics and Policy page.

Do you use real animals?

Yes, all of the specimens I sell are made using real animals unless otherwise stated. Coming by supplies ethically is a real challenge, time consuming, and probably the most difficult task when working in taxidermy.

What's the difference between a moth and a butterfly?

Although from the same insect family (Lepidoptera), there are a few differences. Butterflies are generally more colourful than moths and have long, thin antennas while moths have short, feathery antennas. Butterflies usually fly by day, while moths are generally seen at nighttime. A butterfly caterpillar produces a shiny chrysalis that hangs, while a moth caterpillar produces a silky cocoon found on the ground. Butterflies rest with their wings closed, moths with their wings open.

The item I want is sold out. When will it be restocked?

Most of my items are handmade or vintage and are totally unique therefore they will not be restocked. However I may make something similar in the future. If a pair of earrings is sold out, they will likely be restocked in the next shop update.

Do you do custom orders or commissions?

At this time, no. This is something I’d love to offer in the future but I’m finding myself stretched quite thin these days between full-time school, looking after all of my pets at home and finding time to make and sell these creations. If there’s something that you’d like to see me make or you have a cool idea feel free to contact me but I can’t make any guarantees at the moment.

Can I reserve an item?

Sorry, no. I’ve had trouble in the past with holding items for people in that have ended up changing their mind or failing to correspond. I put so much work into making these pieces and it is too often that someone tries to take advantage of me or wastes my time. All pieces will be available for everyone to buy when the shop is updated. If you have have purchased something online but would like to pick it up at a later date I’d be more than happy to find a time that works for both of us. 

My butterfly/ moth specimen arrived broken/damaged, what should I do? 

Oh no! While this doesn’t happen often, this is still a risk taken when these delicate specimens are shipped, even with proper packaging and protection. If your frame or specimen has arrived damaged, please contact me directly. I offer full refunds if the specimen is shipped back to me or if you would like to fix the specimen yourself, I’ll refund you 40% of your order and send you some instructional videos and tips on how to repair your frame at home!

Do you have a store/studio that I can visit?

Sorry, but not at the moment. While I am in desperate need of more space and want to eventually have a space open to the public, at this time my studio is at home and is private. Keep an eye on the events section on the website for a chance to see my work in person at a market near you. If you have any retailers that you would like to see my work at, send me a message and I’ll do my best to reach out if I think they would be a good fit!

Do you ship worldwide?

All materials on the website are available for local pickup in Vancouver or Port Coquitlam or can be shipped worldwide with the only exception being that some of the materials cannot be shipped outside of Canada due to government regulations. If you are unsure of the regulations or animal laws in your area please contact me before placing an order. 


I want to raise my own butterflies and moths or make my own taxidermy creations, do you have any tips?

Yes! While I still consider myself fairly new to bugs and taxidermy, I want to share as much of what I’ve learned over the years as I can. I’m working hard on making a page of tips and links to educational pages that have personally helped me but feel free to reach out if you have any questions.